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20 best varieties of hot (bitter) pepper for open ground


This article discusses the best varieties of bitter pepper. They are early, medium, late ripening. Grow in various conditions. Separate types of room chili peppers.

The best varieties of indoor peppers

Indian summer

Room pepper Indian summer

Shade-tolerant, undemanding plant. It can grow on loggias for several years, or on the ground, as an annual plant. The bush is low, 30-40 cm, it is covered with small spherical peppersdifferent color varieties. Red is used without additional processing. Wall thickness 3 mm, taste sweetish with sour, spicy.

Hungarian yellow

Hot Pepper Hungarian Yellow

Early ripe, adapted to the cold, small bush, about 25 cm. The vegetable is like a cone hanging down. In the process of forming yellow, when it matures, it becomes red. The wall thickness in the section is 4 millimeters. Juicy, sweet, semi-sharp.


Hot Pepper Goldfinger

Heliophilous, precocious plant, flowering 25 cm tall. Pods up to 5 cm long, yellow. It grows well and gives a lot of products on the lighted windowsills.

The plant is grown as an ornamental, with inedible fruits.

Filius Blue

Hot pepper Filius Blue

Perennial beautiful plant with fruits that can be eaten. The height of the bush reaches 20 centimeters, unripe purple peppers, red color speaks about its ripeness. For a plant, it is necessary to provide a sufficient amount of light, moderate watering, moist air. If you grow in the apartment and properly care for him, he will bear fruit for a year.

The best savory peppers in the open field


Hot pepper grade Adjika

Medium early, tall. It grows up to a meter in height. Bush strong, lush. The fruits are large, cone-shaped, bright, red, sharp with a pleasant aroma.

For mother-in-law

Hot pepper grade For mother-in-law

Early, with high yield. Height is below average, fruits are cone-shaped, red, strong smell, pungent taste.

Queen of spades

Hot pepper grade Queen of Spades

Mid-season. Bushes are small, spherical. A lot of fruits, different degrees of maturity and color. It looks very beautiful. It grows well in a shady area. Fruits are like a cone, grow up. The taste is sharp with sweet.

Dragon tongue

Hot Pepper Dragon Tongue

Mid-season. A bushy plant grows up to a meter in height, unpretentious in care. Ripe fruits are long, saturated red color, pungent, with a pleasant aroma.

Goes on paprika production.


Hot Pepper Bully

Mid-season. The bush is small, semi sprawling, grows up to 70 cm. Fruits are long, trunk-shaped, red. In the section with a thickness of 1.5-2 mm. High resistance to cold, high yield. Low aroma, semi spicy taste.

Does not like the shadow.

The best varieties of early ripe peppers


Hot Pepper Impala

It tolerates heat, matures early, brings a great harvest. The bush is massive, reaches a height of 70 cm, is studded with peppers. They are big, weighing 80 grams. Ripened becomes saturated - red. Vegetable has an interesting taste and sharpness. Reference! Resistant to tobacco mosaic virus.


Hot pepper variety Mast

Early ripe. It grows in open and closed ground. The bush is small, the height is average, large-leaved. Fruits are red, with a dark shade, shiny, conical, grow upwards. Productivity is high. It is not affected by illness and temperature changes.

The variety tolerates drought well, but cannot tolerate poor lighting. Suitable for drying, storage, pickles.


Hot pepper grade Tula

Early ripe. Grown in the open field and under the film. The bush is medium, the peppers are cone-shaped, large, sharp, red. The variety is high vitamin, fruitful, plastic.

The best mid and late ripening varieties


Hot Pepper Vizier

Late maturity Grows indoors. Fruits are red, weighing up to 20 g. The taste is medium sharp. Productivity is good. It is used for the manufacture of paprika, salt, canned food.


Pepper sharp grade Astrakhan

Mid-season ripening. Productivity is high, it is cultivated in open ground with different climatic conditions. Fruits are small, red. The taste is sharp burning. Hotness is determined by the content of capsaicin. It is successfully used in cooking and medicinal purposes. Pepper tincture will relieve sciatica. Fresh pulp will cure boils. Hot pepper stimulates appetite, helps with pain, fever.

Mutton horn

Hot pepper Mutton horn

Mid-season. Unpretentious in growing, but does not tolerate stagnant water. With proper care gives a high yield. Pods elongated, twisted like a ram's horn. The taste is not very sharp with good watering. If there is little watering, hot weather, pepper will grow sharper. Suitable for trade, is exported.


Hot pepper grade Cayenne

Relatively new look. It grows in greenhouses and room (seeds are pre-planted on seedlings). Productivity is high. Fruits are thin, medium length. Bushes high, reach one and a half meters. Must be tied up. The taste is relatively burning. It is used for cooking, canning, processing into powder.

In the open ground planted seedlings.


Tabasco Hot Pepper

Bush hot pepper. It grows on the bushes bunched up. Fruits are orange-red, small. The flesh is juicy, fleshy, sharp. The yield is high, resistant to disease. This class produces the famous Tabasco sauce.

Popular varieties for giving

Among the summer residents and owners of private plots, Double Abundance, Superchili, and Spark are very famous.

Double abundance

Hot Pepper Double Abundance

Early ripe variety. Grows in open and closed ground. It ranks first in yield. Peppers brightly colored, weigh up to 80 g. Dry pepper is stored for several years, without losing the appearance and taste. Equally good fresh and canned. Resistant to disease and heat.


Hot Pepper Superchili

Early ripe hybrid variety. The yield is high, the taste is sharply burning. Peppers superchili large, located under the foliage. Fully ripened fruit almost cherry color. Eat fresh, dry, salt.

This variety can not be grown next to other peppers in order to avoid over-pollination of plants.

The light

Hot Pepper Spark

The light is quite famous, a popular variety. Medium early ripening. Feels great in the open field and greenhouses. Fruits are not large enough, bright red. There are many of them on the bushes, they look like bright lanterns. Taste of special sharpness and pepper aroma. This is due to the high content of coloring pigments and dry substances. Fruits are dried naturally and stored in a glass container under a lid.

Resistant to bacteriosis and vertselleznomu withering.

From such an abundance of savory peppers, you can choose those that suit the taste, color, ripening, storage types, just for this site.