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How to dry garlic


Dried garlic is a tasty seasoning used in world cooking. This fragrant spice is great for cooking meat and poultry dishes, adding them a special piquancy. Its beneficial properties are perfectly preserved if the product is properly dried, but the taste becomes simply delicious. The value of the spice lies in the amazing flavor that can transform even a simple dish. Therefore, both during drying and storage, the main thing is to keep the smell and dry it properly.

Drying at home

Properly dry garlic at home, while maintaining its aroma and beneficial properties in several ways. In this case, it is possible to dry both with whole heads and segments. The main condition is the product must be well matured. You need to dig up the vegetable only from dry soil, which is easily shaken off the tubers. If the soil is wet, there is a risk of contaminating garlic. Of course, it can be washed, but it will dry for a long time, and moisture can lead to deterioration of the product and the appearance of mold.

Best for drying is suitable varieties "Creole" and "Silver-white." They perfectly retain both the flavor of the product, and useful properties. For drying, only fully formed garlic, clean and free from damage, is suitable.

How to dry whole heads

Immediately after digging, the heads are left to lie on dry ground for several days. During this time, the product matures. When the tops dry, it is braided into braids or cut, leaving a small stump to form a bundle. Then hang in a dry, cool room for long-term storage.

The heads are tied together or braided in braids and stored in a warm, dry room in winter

Ways to dry garlic at home

To dry the vegetable with slices use household appliances, such as an oven or dryer. With these methods, the garlic is disassembled into cloves, peeled. For high-quality and quick drying, the teeth are cut into thin slices, best of all with the help of a regular kitchen knife. With such a cut stands out a minimum of juice.

In the oven

Garlic is cut into thin plates and laid out on a baking sheet. You can use parchment, so the slices will be less stinging and remain clean. The temperature is set at 60 degrees. Under the influence of hot dry air, moisture begins to evaporate. In order to make the process faster, you need to give fresh air intake. For this, the oven door is left ajar. The first session is 40 minutes. After that, let the future drying cool and then put it in the oven again. The total drying time is 4-6 hours.

Vegetable cut into plates and evenly spread on the baking sheet until weathered moisture

This method is one of the most affordable and popular; when it is used, garlic retains its properties and flavor, which is the main criterion for the preparation of the product. The only negative is that the process is rather troublesome, you have to constantly monitor it and ensure that the product does not burn. Moreover, a small batch is made at a time.

In the dryer

This method involves the heat treatment of the product, while preserving the beneficial properties of the product.

Garlic cloves are cut into thin plates or rings and laid out at short intervals for air circulation. Temperature conditions in the dryer VOLTERA 1000 Lux must be set to within 60 degrees.

This method allows you to prevent product damage even in winter.

The described method is much more convenient than the previous one, it saves time and effort. Much more can be done at a time, since the records are laid out in several tiers.

On air

One of the most traditional methods is to dry the garlic outdoors. This is the longest way, it takes about 2 weeks.

Using this method, it should not be allowed to dry in direct sunlight.

Garlic should be cut into slices, then put on a clean and dry surface cut up. The room where the process takes place should be well ventilated.

Drying takes place completely in the shade, without exposure to sunlight. This preserves the beneficial properties of the product.

Garlic powder

Dried garlic cloves are ground in a coffee grinder or blender, thus obtaining a uniform powder. If the plates crumble badly, you need to dry them. On the basis of the powder is an amazing seasoning-garlic salt, which gives a special piquancy to the dish. The ratio is taken 1: 3, one part of garlic powder is mixed with three parts of sea salt.

Try to use this aromatic seasoning in the first winter, otherwise further useful and aromatic properties are lost.

Tip! Store garlic powder in sealed containers, in a dry place. Without losing its properties, the seasoning is stored for 1-2 months, then the aroma and taste qualities start to be lost.

How to store dried slices

It is best to store garlic cloves in dark glass jars or in ceramic containers with an airtight lid. The shelf life is 1 year, provided that a dry dark place is selected. It is necessary to type it only with dry devices, the ingress of moisture leads to damage to the product.

The lid should fit well against the neck, and the jar itself should preferably be of a dark color.

Garlic well improves immunity and helps in the fight against various parasites. Regular use of dry powder from it, significantly improves the human condition and is the prevention of many diseases, especially in winter. Garlic powder is actively used in cosmetology, acting as the main component in masks for skin care.

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