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20 best early and early ripening potato varieties


Every person has tried at least once a potato dish. This vegetable is beautifully stored in the cellar throughout the year, while maintaining its taste. However, potatoes that have just been dug out of the ground are considered the most tasty and useful. That is why early varieties of culture are so valued.

Early Classification Classifications

All varieties of culture can be divided into two main types: domestic and imported. It may happen that imported potatoes will produce a less rich crop than domestic ones.

Early potatoes

Culture can be classified and maturity. Maturation is considered a length of time. from the first shoots to the moment of harvest.

The earliest ones alone have several divisions:

  • ultra early 45-55 days;
  • early 50-60 days;
  • Medium early 60-85 days.
Early and ultra early potatoes grow well in southern regions

Grows well in the south early and ultra early potatoes that ripen before the onset of heat.

The same vegetable can be classified by the purpose of cultivation:

  • table - used for cooking;
  • technical - starch and alcohol are produced from it;
  • fodder - used for livestock feed;
  • universal - a cross between technical and feed.
Any early variety can be classified by purpose. Early potatoes are good for eating in summer.

Ultra early

Ultra Early (Super Early) disease resistant, gives a good harvest and has a short growing season.

Plant early need late April-early Mayas soon as the soil warms up to a temperature of 8-10 degrees. To preserve the potatoes for a long time, you should wait until the peel becomes thicker.

Ultra Early ripens on average for 50 days. This potato variety is a real find for amateur farmers. Tubers contain a lot of nutrients, are smooth, tasty and have a good presentation for sale.

The most popular ultraearly: "Riviera", "Karatop", "Timo".

Early ripening

Early ripening can begin to dig already after 40-45 days. The variety is especially popular - Zhukovsky Early. Tubers are large, even, elongated, and creamy flesh.

The only thing that early ripening varieties have a small percentage of starch, they remain hard during cooking. Preparation for planting begin in early April for the month before planting in open ground. In early May, tubers with sprouts can already be planted in the soil.

Zhukovsky early
The advantage of early ripening is that it is not susceptible to infection by fungus and disease.

The fruit has a beautiful appearance and possesses amazing taste properties. In the period of frost well tolerated wintering. In one season you can have time to get 2 crops.

Medium early

Medium early dining destination intended for eating and animal feed.

Fruits are ripening already on day 60. Potatoes of this classification are well resistant to many infections, except for phytophorosis. Suitable for sale due to aesthetic appearance. It has excellent taste.

Which variety is considered the earliest

The forty-day varieties are ultra-early and give the first harvest already after 40 days after shoots.

These include the following: "Bullfinch", "Impala", "Luck", "Zhukovsky Early", "Timo", "Charoit", "Meteor", "Vineta", "Breeze".

For different geographical locations

Potatoes grown in central Russia are tastier than in the south.

The right climate, rich soils contribute to a rich harvest. Planting early ripening provides an opportunity to get the first harvest in early July. Early appear already after 50-60 days after landing.

For the middle band Russia approaches: "Druzhny", "Uralsky early", "Good luck", "Sosnovsky", "Belarusian", "Slav", "Vyatka".


For Moscow region must be resistant to disease, unpretentious to climate change. It is recommended to land: "Spring", "Zhukovsky", "Timo", "Nevsky", "Lugovskoy".


For the North-Western regions It is necessary to plant varieties that are most adapted to the soil and climatic conditions: Amorosa, Zhukovsky Early, Impala, Karatop, Latona, Prigogy 2, Freske, Adretta, Rozhdestvensky, "Sante", "Aurora", "Romano".

Description of potato varieties

Consider the most popular:

AlyonaThe ripening period is 50-60 days. The first shoots can be obtained after 45 days. Differs in high productivity, color of a peel red, color of pulp cream. It is preferable for cultivation in the West Siberian regions.
ArielThe ripening period is 50-70 days. The first shoots after 45 days. You can get 2 crops per year. The peel is light yellow, creamy flesh.
TimoThe first root crops can be obtained in 45-50 days. The variety is suitable for cultivation on soils of different types. Fully matures in 70 days. The peel is light, creamy flesh.
KaratopYou can harvest the first crop for 50 days. Vegetative period up to 65 days. It is famous for its good yield and disease resistance. The peel of potatoes is light, the flesh is yellow.
BellarosaThe first fruits appear after 45 days. Vegetative term - 50-60. The flesh is yellow, the skin is light pink rough to the touch.
LarkNew potatoes can be undermined already for 40 days. The skin has a bright yellow tint, the flesh is pale lemon.
ImpalaRefers to the superearly variety. Full maturity is reached in 65-75 days. Harvest can be obtained after 45 days. The rind is yellowish, the flesh too.
RomanoThe rind is pink, creamy-lemon flesh. Average germination is 80 days.
Zhukovsky earlySuitable for planting in the North-West, Siberian regions. The first fruits can be collected in 55-60 days. The skin is pinkish lemon, white flesh.
LileaBelarusian potato has a high yield. The peel is a muted lemon shade, the flesh is light yellow. You can try a young vegetable in 50 days.
Red ScarletThe skin is bright red, the flesh is creamy yellowish. Gives fruit in 45-55 days.
LuckThe peel is yellow, the flesh is the same. The first harvest is obtained for 45 days. The whole vegetative period is 65 days.
UladarThe young harvest can be obtained for 45 days, the whole growing season is 75 days. Perhaps a few fruiting season.
BullfinchPeel pinkish color, creamy meat. Maturation occurs at 45-55 days.
CharoiteThe full growing season is 80-90 days. The first harvest can be obtained on the 60th day. The peel is yellow, with the same pulp.
VenetaUnique Germanic variety. The peel is smooth, dark brown or yellow. The fleshy parts are tender, light brown. Ripening occurs at 50-55 days after germination.
MeteorExcellent live in the Siberian regions. The peel is yellow and the flesh is bright yellow. Landing is carried out in late April and early May. The ripening of the first fruits occurs after 45 days.
BreezeFor the maturation of tubers need 60-80 days, the first fruits are obtained on the 50th day. The peel of a yellow shade is creamy flesh.
RivieraGet the fruits already on the 35th day after germination. The rind of the potatoes is yellow, the flesh too.
RosaraThe early ripe German grade gives the first shoots already for the 50th day. The skin is red, the pulp is yellow, the tubers are well preserved for a long time.

Foreign selection

Among the most popular are: "Bellaroza", "Red Scarlet", "Romano", "Impala", "Ariel", "Veneta".

In order to get an early harvest of potatoes every year, it is recommended to practice planting different early varieties.

When choosing a variety, special attention should be paid to those that will be used to prepare dishes in the summer time. Early thin-skinned most tasty and healthy.