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Simple ways to cook dried chanterelles (+ instructions on how to make the dryer yourself)


The characteristic distinguishing feature of dried chanterelles is not only their beautiful appearance, but also their powerful aroma. You can make a lot of useful and delicious dishes from them: from mushroom soups to potatoes in the oven. But to make the dish tasty, you need to properly dry the mushroom itself.

Specificity of drying mushrooms

Drying is the best option for harvesting mushrooms for the winter. Thus, the product is better absorbed and retain the original flavor. For this method of preparation, only chanterelle is suitable. But it should be understood that the bitterness inherent in the mushroom will remain.

It is recommended to store dried chanterelles in a dry and dark place.

There are several rules for the preparation of mushrooms:

  1. It is not recommended to wash them. They must be cleaned of dirt with a damp cloth. Although some experts forbid this to be done.
  2. Select only strong and resilient mushrooms without severe damage. They often cut off the legs.
  3. It is important to sort by size, so that the process is prepared simultaneously. If the product is cut, you need to group the same pieces.
Important! Sliced ​​mushrooms must be dried immediately or they will darken.

Methods of drying chanterelles

There are several options for drying chanterelles. From what method will be chosen depends on the result.

Oven Drying

Drying in the oven will take about 10 hours. To do this, put parchment paper or foil on a baking sheet. The foxes of the same size are laid out. The first few hours the temperature in the oven should be set to 45 degrees. Then it is necessary to raise to 60 degrees. For the best drying from all directions, they can be mixed.

It is recommended to slightly open the cabinet door to provide air ventilation.

Microwave Drying

This option is the fastest SIZ all. Chanterelles can be dried literally in an hour. Laid out on a wire rack and put in a microwave for 20 minutes. After this time has elapsed, they need to be allowed to cool and send again to dry. As a rule, 2-3 times for the final drying of chanterelles is enough.

Drying in the dryer

For this method, prepared mushrooms are laid out in the device, and the program is set. No manipulation is expected anymore. The dryer works according to the instructions. For example, loading mushrooms into a VOLTERA 1000 Lux dryer and setting a timer, you can be sure that the mushrooms will not overdry, and ultimately you will get a great product.

Drying chanterelles in the dryer lasts 7-10 hours

Drying on a string

Drying in a natural way on a string is considered the easiest and easiest way. In this case, do not need special tools. It is recommended to sort the chanterelles by size, having previously cleaned them of dirt, and to string them on a string. This drying option will be delayed for 1-2 weeks. It all depends on the size and sunlight.

In the Russian stove

Before spreading the mushrooms in the oven, it is better to put the grate on the bricks. This will ensure the necessary distance of the mushrooms from the hot furnace. Chanterelles are strung on a skewer or laid out on a wire rack. Putting mushrooms in the oven is needed when the temperature drops to 50-60 degrees. If there is more, chanterelles will burn, less - they can be worn out. For air circulation, the damper is opened slightly.

Important! A feature of kiln drying is the use of a chimney. At the beginning of drying, it is opened 0.75 more than the flap, gradually moving it further in the drying process. At the end, everything closes.

In convection oven

The recommended temperature is 60-70 degrees. It is important to keep the grill ajar. You can insert a skewer between the door and the body. This will allow moist air to go outside. It is necessary to monitor the mushrooms, periodically removing already prepared. Otherwise they will dry out and lose their flavor.

Over the stove

One of the worst options, which has a number of negative sides. First, the process is lengthy. At this time, cooking is not recommended, as the mushrooms absorb all the flavors. Secondly, a lighted stove emits a lot of heat. But if there are no other options, you need to string the mushrooms on a string and hang them over the stove.

If continuous drying over the stove takes about three days

How to make a dryer for mushrooms yourself?

There are many options for homemade dryers. Let's make a solar design.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a dryer for mushrooms:

  1. We form a frame from the bars, and install shelves in its cavity. Their placement is performed towards the sunlight at a right angle.
  2. The bottom and sides of the case are sewn up with lining panels.
  3. For flow-through ventilation, small holes are made at the top and bottom. To protect the mushrooms from insects, the holes are closed with a mosquito net.
  4. The lower part of the body is sewn with a metal sheet. All in order to ensure the heating of the dryer.
  5. To achieve the effect of a greenhouse, the internal cavity of the self-made dryer is painted with black paint.
  6. In the end make the top cover for the design. It can be glass or other transparent material.

To make a tasty dish of dried chanterelles, they need to be properly dried. To do this, you can use the methods at hand or make a structure to dry yourself. Several light movements and design is ready. We also recommend to read how to dry onions and carrots at home.