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7 convenient ways to dry porcini mushrooms at home


White mushroom or boletus is considered one of the delicious gifts of the forest and has a presentable appearance. Mistresses appreciate it for its rich taste, aroma and healthy properties, which it retains even in dried form. Harvested white mushrooms can be added to soups, stews and salads as a whole, as well as pre-grinding them into powder. Boletus are considered a good complement for both meat and fish dishes. At home, drying the white mushrooms is not so difficult and everyone can choose the most convenient way.

Specificity of drying white mushrooms

Fresh mushrooms are not subject to prolonged storage due to the large amount of water they contain. A few days after harvesting, they wither, lose their freshness and juiciness, and become unsuitable for human consumption. For this reason, fresh mushrooms within a few hours after collection should be subjected to warm processing or preserve them. By harvesting borovik by drying for the winter resorted in cases where there are too many mushrooms.

It is best to collect medium sized boletus for drying, since too much toxic substances accumulate in large ones.

Ceps during drying retain all their nutritional properties. Subject to all the rules, the blanks become quite compact, which is important at home. Finished products are elastic, but at the same time they do not break.

With the boletus, which are subject to drying, gently remove the dirt with a knife, but in no case do not wash them. The fact is that they absorb the liquid like a sponge and then it will be problematic to dry them. After cutting them carefully inspect, remove from the surface of the sand sand, dust and moss residues.

In the event that the collected specimens are too large, it is possible to separate the legs from the caps and cut them into several pieces. It is recommended to chop the hat with thin plates, and the leg - with circles.

Ways of drying white mushrooms

Dry boletus can be both natural and artificial way. In the first case, the workpiece is carried out in the open air under the bright rays of the sun. For artificial drying of boletus, it is allowed to use such special devices as an electric dryer, microwave and oven. The disadvantage of natural drying is the fact that this process is long and can take a long time.

Oven Drying

Before drying, lay the baking sheet with parchment and lay the forest gifts with the caps down on it in one layer. Baking tray must be placed in the oven and leave it for several hours at a temperature of 50-55 degrees. It is best to harvest boletus not for one, but for several receptions.

It is important to remember that during the drying process it is not allowed to completely close the oven door.

After the boletus is slightly dry, it is recommended to remove them from the oven and cool. After they need to re-place in the oven and raise the temperature to 70 degrees. At the end of the process, the temperature should be lowered again.

Microwave Drying

Using a microwave, you can dry quickly enough and store such a product for a long time. It is necessary to chop the boletus on the plate, put one layer on a plate and put in the microwave for 15-20 minutes with a power of 150 watts. After a while boletus need to remove, cool and repeat the procedure until ready.

Microwave dried mushrooms are recommended to be stored in special fabric bags or gauze fabric.

Drying in the dryer

Porcini mushrooms should be cut into plates, laid out on pallets of the VOLTERA 1000 Lux dryer and left for several hours at 60 degrees. Duration is from 9 to 12 hours, which depends on their thickness.

In the dryer, the mushrooms do not get absorbed by extraneous odors, but retain their flavor and beneficial properties.

Drying on a string

The best way of harvesting forest gifts is their natural drying, but this should be done only in good weather. It is necessary to choose a strong thread and put mushrooms on it. It is important to be at a short distance from each other.

Dried boletuses after 3 days are considered ready, but they are recommended to bring to perfect condition in the oven or oven.

It is necessary to hang the bundle in a sunny place and put gauze fabric on top, which will protect it from insects and dust.

In the Russian stove

Before drying the wood in the oven, it is imperative that you put it on a baking tray with straw, otherwise it can be burnt and turn black. On the straw you need to expand the whole boletus hats down. It is better to put them in the oven in the afternoon, when it is well warmed up, but there is no strong heat. The stove flap needs to be kept slightly ajar so that the required amount of air can flow to the product.

In convection oven

Prepared gifts of the forest must be placed in metal sieves, which are put in the convection oven over each other. The downside of this method is that the boletus dries unevenly, so you have to change sieves from time to time. Despite this, the mushrooms in this oven dry quickly enough.

Mushrooms can be dried quickly, but not always qualitatively, so you need to check the finished product

Over the stove

This method is considered inconvenient, since the burners have to be constantly kept on. In addition, his help can be resorted to only on the condition that nothing will be cooked on the stove in the next few days. Mushrooms quickly absorb steam and the smell of cooked dishes. It is necessary to put on a thread, hang it under the ceiling and turn on the burners. After several days, the fruits dry up, but on condition that the plate is always on.

White mushrooms produce hearty meals, and they are allowed to enter into the diet of those who wish to lose weight. Harvested boletus can be stored for a year, from time to time checking for the appearance of spoiled and moldy pieces. It is best to store the harvested product in closed glass cans or cardboard boxes. We also recommend to read how to dry mushrooms and chanterelles.