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4 recipes of preparation for the winter of dried lemons


Dried lemon is one of the most useful fruits, rich in vitamins and microelements. The range of use of dried fruits is quite wide. Beautiful citrus slices can be an excellent decor for any room. Lemon peel is used in cooking and as a flavoring for beverages. This is an indispensable tool in the fight against colds, urolithiasis and problems with the circulatory system.

The specifics of drying lemons at home

Lemon contains a large amount of vitamins (C, A, B1, B2, D, P), which are very important for the human body. They are rich not only in proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The rind and pulp of citrus contains healing fiber, pectin, mineral salts and organic acids. The fruit is an indispensable participant in the restoration of proper metabolism. Therefore it is worth drying a few sliced ​​citrus fruits.

You can make any harvesting from a lemon crop.

Only high-quality and ripe citruses are suitable. Properly selected, they will retain all the useful qualities after drying. When choosing fruits, preference should be given to ripe fruits. Ripeness is determined by the shade of the rind, the state of the pulp and juiciness. It is recommended to take fruits of bright yellow color with a thick peel, large size, without damages and flaws. The richer the smell of fresh citrus, the more aromatic dried dried fruit will be.

Before drying, the fruit must be washed in warm water and then dried well. Sliced ​​fruits are recommended to blot with napkins to remove excess juice.

What methods can be dried lemon

There are several of the most popular ways to process citruses at home:

  • in the electric dryer;
  • in the oven;
  • on the battery;
  • in the sun.
For dehydration, choose intact ripe lemons of bright yellow color with thick skin

The choice of method depends on how quickly you need to do it. In the oven or electric drier, the process will be much faster than in natural ways.

Quick drying in the dryer

When you click on them should remain dents, indicating the juiciness and ripeness of the fetus

Dryer is a modern way of drying fruit. The device is ideal for drying lemons. Especially for these purposes suitable dryer VOLTERA 1000 Lux. Its plus in the presence of a thermal fuse and built-in timer. You can be sure that the product does not dry out.

Cut slices laid out on the dryer. In this case, the pieces should not be in contact with each other.

Avoid using green or greenish lemons

The method of drying in the dryer has only one drawback: lemon circles can be deformed during drying and have an irregular shape. Otherwise, this method has only advantages:

  1. Drying is better than in the oven or on the battery.
  2. Minimal time spent on cooking.
  3. On the grates located in several tiers, you can simultaneously dry a large number of lemon slices.
  4. Dried fruits retain all the beneficial properties of vitamins and trace elements.

Oven Drying

Tea with dried lemon - a pleasure

Processing in the oven is a great option if the house does not have electric dryers. For this you need a baking sheet and parchment paper. Lemon slices are put on a paper-laid baking sheet and placed in a preheated oven. To prevent the slices from burning, periodically it is necessary to check the billet and turn the lemon circles. It is recommended to leave the oven ajar so that excess moisture evaporates faster. The time depends on how many degrees the oven warms up. On average, the drying process lasts 4-8 hours.

The disadvantage of this method of drying is that during the period of drying it is necessary to pull out the baking tray with citruses several times to allow them to cool and then put them in the oven again. This will avoid the uneven drying of fruit, drying, will give the opportunity to control the correct shape of the circles.

Tea with lemon will invigorate and give strength, strengthen the immune system and help to adapt to new conditions.

The main advantage of cooking in the oven is the speed of drying and the simplicity of the process.

Drying on the battery

Usually, cooks do not use lemon itself, but dried dried peel, grinding it into powder.

This method is relevant during the heating season. Dehydration of citrus on the battery is considered the most budgetary option. The sliced ​​fruit slices are attached to a cardboard in which holes are made in advance. Then it is all put on the battery and dried for 3-4 days.

Advantages of curing lemons on the battery:

  1. The simplicity of the process for which no additional culinary skills are needed.
  2. Cooking in a natural way, without the use of household appliances.
  3. Circles turn out equal and beautiful.
Dried lemon, ground into powder, is added to the mask for whitening and deep cleansing of the skin.

Cons of the way:

  1. Long drying period.
  2. The possibility of using the method only in the heating season.

Sun drying

Choose any convenient way and prepare lemon for all sorts of needs

Drying in the sun is another way to dry lemons in a natural way. Lemons dry out in the sun in 3-5 days. Lemon circles are placed in the drying tray so that they do not touch each other. The ideal temperature for drying is 30 degrees with low humidity. During the rainy season and at night, it is better to bring the fruit into the room so that the lemon slices do not absorb unnecessary excess moisture.

This method of drying lemons is relevant in the summer, when the sun's rays heat the air to the maximum. Drying in the sun saves energy. The only negative is rainy weather, in which the drying of citruses is impossible.

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Dried lemons can be placed in glass containers or paper bags. Store them in a dry dark place. Thus, dried fruits will retain their beneficial properties for a long time. Dried lemon can be used as a cosmetic, adding it in a crushed form in the mask for hair, face and body. Slices of dry citrus will add zest to fish, vegetable, meat dishes, salads and desserts. At any time of the year, dried lemon can be used to strengthen the immune system and as a treatment for some diseases. Dried lemon circles can be not only a beautiful room decor, but also an excellent room flavor.