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The benefits and harm of grapes Isabella for the body


Grapes have many varieties, which are divided into dining and dessert. Some are very similar in taste, they can be confused externally, but not the Isabella grapes. This variety has no analogues, its taste and appearance is unique.

A little history of the Isabella variety

Isabella variety is a natural hybrid, natural way it united labruska and vinifer. They gave the grapes dark, almost black skin and incredibly fragrant pulp, which became the hallmark.

Fully reveal all the properties Isabella could breeder from the United States William Prince. Thanks to him, for almost two hundred years, the country has not only successfully cultivated the berry for its needs, but also exported it to more than 150 countries of the world. In the 80s of the twentieth century, the vine successfully spread throughout Europe, and about the same time came to us.

Nowadays, Isabella variety is successfully grown in many CIS countries. He is the main for the production of chacha in Georgia and Dagestan, winemakers from other countries use it to make homemade wine.

Most often Isabella is used to make wine and chacha.
Isabella belongs to the wine varieties because of its unusual flavor. Some winemakers have a negative attitude towards him, others vice versa.

Composition and calorie

Shrub variety grows and bears fruit better. on wet soils, does not tolerate drying out. If the growing conditions do not like, can lose the leaves, look bad and significantly reduce yields. In this case, the berries will not have half the nutrients that have a miraculous effect on the body.

According to the description, the berries contain:

  • Vitamins C, PP, A, E.
  • The variety has a higher content of pectins and anthocyanins.
  • Antioxidants help fight many diseases.
  • Potassium has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.
  • Other minerals have a beneficial effect on the condition of the blood vessels.
  • Flavonoids, catechins, polyphenols help in the natural cleansing of the body.
  • The components of the fruit are actively involved in blood formation, hemoglobin increase.
The calorie content of Isabella berries is higher than that of other varieties.
It is worth remembering that the caloric content of Isabella grapes is higher than others. That is why it is necessary to use it with caution overweight people.

Calorie grapes of this variety quite high, every hundred grams of product contain about 65 Kcal. This does not always have a positive effect on the figure, so Isabella should be consumed in moderation and preferably in the morning.

Even underweight people should stick to this advice, 150-200 grams of grapes two or three times a week is enough to enrich the body with useful substances in sufficient quantities.

Eat isabella not recommended for the nightGrapes are heavy enough for the stomach and can cause disturbances in the digestive tract and harm to the body.

Exclude from the diet this product is for people with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, as well as gastritis in the period of exacerbation. When history is consumed in moderation.

Useful properties and harm of grapes Isabella for the body

Isabella grapes are famous for many useful properties. Berries are used:

  • Dark pigment in the peel has truly unique properties. It is formed from antioxidants, which contribute to the normalization of the blood, normalize blood pressure, improve the condition of the blood and blood vessels.
  • Regular use is excellent increases hemoglobin, on a level with pomegranate.
  • Flavonoids and Catechins clear of slags and toxins in a natural way, increase efficiency and overall tone, help the body recover faster from serious illnesses.
  • Berries and fresh juice from them contributes to the normal reduction of the heart muscle, restores the normal rhythm.
Not only grapes, but also leaves and vines have healing properties.
Not everyone knows that it is not only the fruits of the grapes that benefit; the leaves and the vine itself have healing properties. They contain tannins, sugars, mineral acids, a whole complex of vitamins and minerals.

Leaves apply:

  • outwardly with cuts, bruises, abrasions;
  • they reduce the heat, apply to the forehead, armpits, chest;
  • grape leaf can relieve headache;
  • decoction is an excellent expectorant;
  • indispensable for sore throats and pharyngitis, used for rinsing;
  • with ulcers and boils, decoction is used as a lotion;
  • dry and powdered leaves are used for nosebleeds.

The stems also contain many benefits, after they have finished ripening, the juice has long been used in traditional medicine to treat various catarrhal diseases.

For men and women, the value of this product lies in rapid restoration of the protective functions of the body in the autumn-spring period. For people involved in heavy production, athletes simply need a glass of grape juice of this particular grade every day.

Children are allowed to use Isabella not earlier than the age of three, but the broths are recommended for a year.

Children from one year can use the decoctions of the leaves

Harmful properties Isabella can bring only those who have an individual intolerance to the product. You should not use it to the ulcers and people with gastritis, even in the period of remission, the grapes in the berries or juice can provoke an exacerbation of the disease.


Isabella grapes most associated with winemaking, and so it is.

Many make a variety aromatic homemade wine, in Georgia and Dagestan produce chacha and moonshine on an industrial scale. But the scope of the crop is much wider:

  • Isabella is mashed and frozen for the winter;
  • grapes are used to make compotes with pears and apples;
  • processed into juice, while it is better to mix it with apple in equal proportions;
  • prepare jams and jams, it is important to do it with bones.

In addition to cooking grapes of this variety are used and in cosmetology:

  • pits make scrubs;
  • extracts are used to make creams and tonics;
  • peel is an excellent anti-aging agent;
  • decoction of the leaves is recommended to wipe your face with acne.

The use of grapes Isabella widely, it is an indispensable raw material not only in winemaking.