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Detailed description of the Anyuta grape variety


Who does not like juicy, sweet, fragrant grapes ?! Yes, if still boneless! Yes, besides, unpretentious in the care, easily adapting to any climatic conditions! Every gardener dreams of such a grape variety. Anyuta hybrid variety is one of the most beloved and popular table grape varieties, because it meets all the most demanding requirements of winegrowers and consumers. The description of this variety is presented below.

Breeding history, description and characteristics of the variety

There are a great many species and hybrid forms of grapes, but breeders do not stop working on the creation of new and new varieties, because "there is no limit to perfection." By crossing and pollinating different grape varieties in different combinations, amateur scientists and breeders get new forms with given parameters - resistance to diseases, high yields, excellent taste, technical and external data.

Mid-grade grape Anyuta

The grapes of Anyuta were bred thanks to the efforts of the famous amateur breeder of modernity VN. Krainova. The hybrids created by him are always popular, but the grapes with the gentle female name "Annie" deservedly occupy one of the leading positions. He took the best qualities from his parental pair - the popular seedless grape Kishmish Radiant and the most famous selection variety Talisman (Kesha). It is often used by breeders as a parent form, which serves as a donor of yield and high resistance to adverse climate.

Annie is cultivated in a very wide region - Moldova, Ukraine, southern and middle regions of Russia. The variety rooted easily and adapts to weather conditions.

Annie - mid-season variety, the crop ripens for 140-145 days from the appearance of the ovaries, i.e. The first harvests can be harvested from the beginning to the middle of September. Depending on the natural and weather conditions of the region, dates vary + -1-2 weeks. Shrubs tall, reach a height of 3m. Fruiting begins at 3-4 year after planting seedlings. High and stable yield varieties deserve special attention - on fertile soils at the stage of ripening fruits of the vine can be so overloaded with clusters that it is recommended even to regulate their number in order to avoid damage to the bushes. The weight of clusters varies from 0.7 kg to 1.2 kg, but not rarely, and to 1.5 kg.

Description and characteristics of berries

Bunches of grapes Anyuta have the shape of a cone and loose structure, the berries are freely arranged and therefore weighty fruits appear even more. Huge bunches of grapes have a great presentation and give the bushes an attractive and presentable look. It is all about themselves berries - bright pink color, beautiful oval shape and very large sizes - on average 35x25 mm and more, have 4 bones. Berry weight reaches 15-20g the pulp fleshy, dense and tasty, very juicy, with a slight nutmeg aftertaste. Skin also dense, but along with the pulp is easily eaten.

Anuta grapes, oval or egg-shaped

But after ripening the bunch should not be left on the bushes, as the flesh liquefies and the taste deteriorates significantly. Signs of the effect of pea berries are absent.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of "Anyuta" is the simplicity of cultivation (which is especially important for beginner gardeners), the simplicity of the plant, stable and high yields with minimal care. A number of advantages can be continued:

  • great taste and appearance, providing a great presentation of products;
  • the good preservation of berries with transportability over long distances (even at elevated temperatures), which is important for the realization of rich yields;
  • thanks to the dense skin of the berry not damaged by wasps;
  • hybrid absolutely not subject to pea;
  • variety has bisexual flowersthat provides good self-pollination;
  • high frost resistance - up to 22-24aboutS, but still, experienced growers recommend sheltering for the winter - it's better to be safe than to damage the plant;
  • high resistance of bushes to fungal infections, mildew, powdery mildew;
  • 100% rooting of cuttingsfor which any stocks are suitable.
This variety is not inherent in the effect of pea berries

But, despite this number of advantages, there are some limitations varieties:

  • bones - although rather small, but still, their presence makes it difficult to fully enjoy the true taste of berries;
  • if you overdo the harvest on the bushes, dense fleshy the pulp is liquefiedbecomes mucous;
  • because of the huge amount of ovaries the harvest can ripen badlytherefore, it is necessary to regulate their number, cutting off unnecessary clusters;
  • at high humidity the berries are cracking;
  • possible root freezing, requiring shelter for the winter.

Agrotechnical features of Anyuta grape variety

Planting material harvested in the fall, during trimming the bushes before winter. The cuttings of annual shoots are cut to a length of 30-40 cm, treated with 5% solution of iron sulphate, wrapped in a damp cloth and cellophane, stored at t + 5aboutWITH.

Planting can be carried out as a graft on the rootstocks, and seedlings.

In the case of vaccination, the plant immediately receives a powerful root system, it develops better and faster, but it can inherit all diseases of the rootstock, which will eventually manifest on it. A sapling will avoid these problems, but it will develop more slowly and will begin to bear fruit for 4-5 years of growth.

Germination cuttings grapes Anyuta

Landing. In February, cuttings spread in wet coniferous sawdust and wait for the appearance of roots. Then planted in boxes with peat and sand, put on the windowsills - young shoots need an abundance of light and heat. In the open ground transferred in May. They dig up the soil well, fertilize it, make deep holes. At their bottom rubble is poured, then layers of humus, mineral fertilizers (potassium, phosphorus, iron), fertile soil.

A place. Although the variety is not considered to be very demanding on growth and care conditions, it is better to follow certain rules and requirements to achieve the most comfortable conditions. In the best way grapes will grow and bear fruit in well-lit, sunny spaces or on the south side of the house. Since the bushes are quite powerful, tall, they need a lot of space for full growth and nutrition. Therefore, between adjacent plants the distance should be at least 1 m, and from the building to the bush - at least 70 cm.

Scheme planting grapes Anyuta

Care for young and adult plants

Further care is to carry out the usual activities:

  • watering - rare, but plentiful (in early spring, before and after flowering);
  • soil mulching around the trunk blackened sawdust or organic matter;
  • autumn pruning sleeves and shoots for 6-8 eyes;
Grape bushes need pruning unnecessary shoots and sleeves
  • although the Anyuta variety is resistant to many diseases, preventive treatment fungicidal anti fungal drugs are not superfluous before the start of flowering and the formation of ovaries;
  • cover a tall bush for the winter It is easiest to film, but it is necessary to monitor the state of moisture under the shelter, to ensure air circulation.

Applying simple methods of care for Anyuta, you will be rewarded with a bountiful harvest of excellent fragrant berries.