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How to make a tincture of grapes on vodka and alcohol


Grapes - an amazing culture, suitable for making wine, chacha, juice and all kinds of strong liqueurs to taste. Useful alcohol-containing dessert drinks are obtained from infused berries. Pouring the fruit from the sunny berry is simple, you just need to be patient and follow some recommendations. And we will tell you how to do it at home.

The basic principles of making grape liqueur at home

Unlike wine or chacha, the technology of making tinctures does not require special equipment and experience. Recipes for making grape liqueurs are very simple, however, not many of them know it. The following material will introduce the most popular options. The main components for their preparation are grape base, strong alcoholic beverages, flavoring additives. To make the liqueur tasty, rich, aromatic, The following principles should be taken into account when manufacturing:

  • choose suitable raw materials;
  • to comply with the recipe;
  • insist in a dark place;
  • meet deadlines;
  • filter out;
  • properly stored.
Isabella grapes, suitable not only for juice and wine, but also for preparing tinctures

Compliance with important aspects will allow you to avoid mistakes, as a result of your efforts you will get a noble grape drink with a pleasant aftertaste. A small amount of tincture prepared at home will be a panacea for many diseases, stresses, and problems with poor appetite. From the strength of the infused alcohol known since ancient times. Healers used it for anemia, neuralgia, but with diabetes did not recommend.

Grape-based tincture is a source of health and vitality.

Selection of ingredients

Absolutely no matter what sort of variety will be taken (white or blue), purchased on the market or collected from the site. There is no fundamental value by choice, the only difference is the color of the finished liqueur and taste. According to the experience of winemakers, it can be said that the richer drinks to taste come from the Regent, Bessarab, Isabella wine varieties. If desired, you can take dessert varieties Muscat velvet, early Russian, Delight. It is worth noting that the fragrant bouquet will depend on the taste of the grapes.

Raw materials must be fresh, unspoiled. The same applies to strong drinks, you need to take high-quality alcohol, vodka or home-brew. If the recipe does not provide flavoring additives, they can be put according to personal preferences. For example, someone likes lemon flavor and wants to feel it in taste.

Experimenting with additives, you can get every time new tastes of the drink.
Selecting the best bunches of grapes for preparing tinctures

Cooking rules

  1. To make the sauce tasty, choose only ripe raw materials.
  2. So that the product is not bitter, the grapes must be separated from the grapes.
  3. Insist in a glass container, ideal for this purpose suitable bottles with a capacity of 1, 2, 3 liters.
  4. Tincture should be in a dark place, it can be a closet or closet.
  5. Unlike wine, the raw materials for this product need to be washed, because we do not need the effect of fermentation.
  6. To achieve a beautiful color and transparency, the finished product is filtered, clarified if necessary.

Variants of cooking grape tincture

There are two main options, one - when the raw material with sugar is poured with alcohol, the second - provides for the preparation of sugar syrup. For alcohol base, any alcohol with a strength of up to 45 degrees will do. If you take a real alcohol, it will need to be diluted. Many use for this purpose purified moonshine. Alcohol will not allow fermentation, sugar will soften the taste, grapes will give the drink a beautiful color, pleasant aftertaste with noble fruit tones.

On alcohol

Traditional grape brew prepared with alcohol. The fortress should not be higher than 60 degrees. Otherwise, the drink will be very strong, although there is no companion’s taste or color, However, general recommendations should be followed:

  1. Fill a 3 liter jar with berries, drag them so that they lie down tightly. If there is water, it is better to drain.
  2. Top with a half cup of sugar. If someone likes very sweet infusions, you can add a little more sugar. The taste of the tincture can affect the natural sweetness of the grapes - this should also be taken into account.
  3. Pour grapes with alcohol of 60 degrees. If the alcohol is low in degrees, then instead of syrup you need to put granulated sugar.
  4. Syrup is brewed at the rate of - 1 cup of water per 100-120 grams. Sahara. Cool syrup, pour it into a jar of infusion.
  5. Cover the jar with a lid, shake the contents, place where it is dark and cool.
  6. After 2-2.5 weeks, the product can be filtered, and then let it stand for a few more days.
  7. Ready infusion bottle. Keep up to 2 years.
Preparation of alcohol tincture on grapes
If you add a few crushed grape grains, the flavor of the liqueur will become more piquant.

On vodka

Vodka, unlike alcohol, is a more affordable product for the people. Having grapes of any sort on the plot, you can insist on ordinary vodka. Get a noble drink no worse than expensive brandy. It is prepared in the same way as in alcohol. With the only difference that vodka does not need to be diluted.

  1. Separate the grapes from the bunches, wash, dry. Excess moisture will take away spirits, it is better not to hurry in this matter.
  2. Lay the prepared grapes up to the top of the 3-liter jar.
  3. Pour the contents of the can with vodka, cover with a nylon or metal lid. Flip the bottle gently, shake to mix.
  4. Put where dark and not hot, perfect kitchen cabinet.
  5. Insist at least 25-30 days, the longer it costs, the tastier. This drink is stored for more than 2 years.
According to this recipe, you should periodically shake the contents of the jar to dissolve the sugar.
A bottle of grapes, insisted in a dark place

Differences in the preparation of tinctures

If the infusion is cooked on sugar, it will have to be shaken often, and if on syrup - this need disappears.. In the preparation of tincture on moonshine, to suppress the sharp smell, use flavoring agents.

Preparation of syrup for grape liqueur

To make the bouquet brighter, you can put slices of lemons, nutmeg, cloves or cinnamon. There are cases when alcohol, raisins, prunes, ginger strengthened the taste of alcohol. It is necessary to put an additive in small portions in order not to “score” the main component - grapes.

Due to the grape drink loses degrees. Its average strength is 25-30 degrees.

In a short time, you can prepare a praiseworthy alcoholic product. Recommendations will be useful for beginners winemakers. Homemade grape alcohol fully retains its beneficial properties, it contains a large amount of vitamins and acids necessary for the body.