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The benefits and harms of pig manure as fertilizer


It is used as a top dressing for garden plants. But you should know that such a fertilizer has its own characteristics. Pork manure without problems can be obtained in large quantities, it has more useful components than in feces from cattle. It should be remembered that there are negative points that prevent many gardeners to apply this type of fertilizer on their beds.

Can pig manure be used as fertilizer

Frankly, the use of fertilizer in the garden in this quality implies preliminary preparation. The bottom line is that in the body of large horned animals, whose product they encounter more often, food passing through a complex digestive system is subject to special processing. For example, due to methane fermentation without oxygen, the acid will decompose into particles containing nitrogen.

But in pigs the digestive tract is different in its structure, the acid comes out with feces. But in this there is nothing terrible - manure should be composted, which will allow the acid to decompose into useful components.

Pork manure in the hands close-up

The use of such manure as a fertilizer in a greenhouse or greenhouse, in which the humidity level is always elevated, is not recommended. Otherwise, there is the likelihood of increased oxidative processes. To neutralize it, in the compost (at your discretion) should be added:

  • dolomitic flour at the rate of 1 to 100;
  • superphosphates - one and a half - two kilograms per centner;
  • double superphosphates - from seven hundred grams to kilograms for the same weight;
  • five hundred grams of lime to a hundred pounds of manure. Note that this option is less acceptable, since many useful components will disappear in the fertilizer.
The use of fresh pig manure threatens not only to acidify the soil. It is likely that the root system of young plants simply burn.

This can happen even if fresh manure is simply scattered on the soil surface before the onset of the winter season. The problem is that the fertilizer contains an excessive amount of ammonia and nitrogen, and this amount depends on the presence of litter in pigs during the period of their content.

When talking about dung-free manure, it means a fifty to seventy percent nitrogen level, contained in a soluble form, which is very convenient for uptake by crops.

The benefits and harm in the garden

It is imperative to know the stages and periods of decomposition of organic matter, because it depends on which soil and for which plants manure can be applied.

Fresh, it should not be used for black soil and other soil compositions enriched with humus. They may become unsuitable for planting.

Ideal - alkaline earth containing a lot of carbonates. Acid fertilizer will make the soil neutral, improve its condition. In other cases, waste prior to use are pre-training.

Preparation of pork manure for use

Pork manure mixed with horse, suitable for any beds. If sawdust or straw is mixed with waste, it is allowed to deposit it in loamy soil.

Fertilizer composition

In the feces there is a lot of phosphorus, but if you compare it with an analogue of mineral fertilizers, it is better consumed by plants, because it is not fixed in the soil. Potassium is also well absorbed, as it is contained in highly soluble compounds. If you define the average, the dry fertilizer contains:

  • organics - 86 percent;
  • nitrogen - 1.7;
  • ash - 14;
  • phosphorus - 0.7;
  • potassium oxide - 1.2.

Humus pigs are best used for early vegetables - it should be introduced into the soil in the fall. Pumpkins, cucumbers, onions, carrots, cabbage and zucchini are planted on beds so fertilized.

Using pork manure, it is necessary to abandon other fertilizer compounds containing nitrogen.

Manure in the fresh and semi-ruptured state is allowed to use for plants that are related to the consumption of nitrogen in the first group - potatoes, peppers, eggplants, blackberries, cherries, raspberries, dahlias, cloves and others.

But the rotted form is better to lay under the tomatoes, beets, corn, garlic, currants, apples, pears, juniper and others.

Quite often, the manure added under perennial plants, shows its qualities only the next year.

Laying pork manure mixed with the ground on the beds

Practical application

A number of features do not always allow one to understand whether manure can be used as a fertilizer composition. The main thing that needs to be remembered is that the degree of benefit and harm depends on the stage of decomposition that manure undergoes. It is caused by the fact that when rotting material significantly changes its composition. According to the degree of freshness, there are four types:

- fresh. This option is not more than three months, contains the maximum amount of acid, nitrogen and other harmful elements. They can ruin any land and harm plants that need nitrogen. But if the soil should be fertilized urgently, and there is no other manure, then it is necessary to simply lower its acidity level, mixing it with the waste obtained from other animals;

- half broken. Its term is from three to six months. There is still a sufficient amount of toxins, but the level of biological pollution is significantly reduced. It is impossible to spoil plants with such fertilizer, but still it is necessary to introduce it carefully (up to 3 kg per square of area), and only in autumn;

- rotten. Lies from six months to a year. Strongly shrunken, having lost almost half the mass. The level of acid and nitrogen decreases. Such material contributes up to seven kilograms per square meter and it is better to do this in the fall to provide an opportunity to ripen finally;

- humus. Lies at least a year. Almost does not contain acid, the nitrogen level is optimal, weed seeds and microorganisms disappear. It is added to the soil at any time.

When fertilizer cannot be applied

Undisturbed manure contains a high level of nitrogen concentration, which can burn the plants or simply feed them, creating a risk to human health. Adding fresh product to the ground will not give a good effect, because the nitrogen will evaporate.

If you want to act correctly, then apply the pig fertilizer during the autumn digging - humus or rotted, with a minimum of one-year aging.

Storage of pork manure on an industrial scale

How to make fertilizer from manure yourself

The most suitable way is composting. And the nutritional value of fertilizer will increase, and the unpleasant smell will disappear.

The feces must be layered, between which to lay straw, lor any sawdust. The compost must have contact with the ground so that the worms can hide in the ground for the winter. To raise the nutritional level, you should add additional organic matter from plant residues. Preparing a bunch, you must wait a year to finally mature the compost.

The pile should be loose so that the parasites and their eggs disappear from the humus.

This can be achieved by increasing the area of ​​the heap and reducing its height. In the finished form the compost will be loose, dark, smelling soil. If there is a smell of rot, it means that the waste is not rot, but rot. The pile must be mixed to ensure that it has access to oxygen.

Having studied the procedure for using pork manure as a fertilizer component, it is possible to achieve enrichment of plants with useful components without incurring extra costs. It is good to use such material if there are pigs on the farm.