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Detailed description of the grape variety mascot


If you like grapes, then such a variety as a talisman is sure to please you. His clusters are large, the berries are beautiful and sweet, and the harvest will not be curbed. At the same time, special care efforts are not supposed, it is only necessary to choose the right landing site and water in time, fertilize and spray the bushes from pests. It will take a minimum of time. And how exactly and when to do it, we will talk further in our article.

Description of the grape variety mascot

Let's start with the description. Talisman is a table grape obtained by crossing Delight with Frumoas Albe Ya.I. Potapenkom. His pedigree allowed him to inherit excellent disease resistance and large formidable grapes, distinguished by an amazing presentation.

This is a variety of early-medium term ripening, which prefers a sunny and calm place.. If you plant a talisman in the northern regions of the country, the grapes will not have time to ripen properly and will not pick up the inherent sweetness.

Grape mascot ready to harvest

Characteristics of berries

It should be noted that Talisman berries are quite large. Their shape is predominantly oval, while poorly ripened specimens may be completely shapeless. If you create normal conditions for the development of the vineyard, the average fruit weight is 12-16 g. The color of the skin is white. It is not too hard, but still tight.

As for taste, you can put a solid top five. The taste is pleasant, and the specific nutmeg aroma makes it possible to distinguish grapes from a number of other similar in appearance, especially from Kesh.

The berries are very sweet. Each of them may contain about 17-23% sucrose.

Advantages and disadvantages

The positive qualities of Talisman include:

  • clusters are large, and berries are one in one;
  • high yield varieties;
  • excellent taste with a pleasant nutmeg note;
  • after ripening, the clusters may hang on a bush for a long time;
  • the ability to transport grapes over a long distance with the integrity of the presentation;
  • bushes grow well, even if they are fed exclusively with mineral fertilizer complexes;
  • The talisman reproduces well. It means that literally each of its cuttings takes root and takes root later on;
  • high resistance of the variety to various plant diseases, for example, mildeas and oidium;
  • high frost resistance. Shrubs calmly withstand temperatures as low as 25 degrees Celsius below zero.

The negative qualities of Talisman include:

  • exclusively female flowers. If there is no male seed next to the plant, the variety will not pollinate. Puffs and gibberelin are also used for this;
  • On each bush a huge amount of inflorescences are formed. But if everything is left like that, the plant will not be able to bring the grapes to maturity. That is why it is important to leave 2 ovaries on each shoot. This is the only way to ensure a normal and high-quality harvest.
Grape mascot varieties growing on arched trellis


Mascot - unpretentious grape variety. But still there are some recommendations for choosing the appropriate place for his landing. He just loves the sun and heat, which is why you need to pick up the southern part of the land.

It is important to protect the bushes from strong winds, so the north side is not suitable at all. As for the soil, it is better that the soil be fertile with the necessary amount of nutrients and retain moisture well.

Do not plant cuttings on the lowlands. Let it be at least a small hill. This is because the lowlands often remain cold for a long time. We talked about Talisman’s love for sunshine and warmth.

Since high groundwater can damage the plant root system, their location should not be less than 2.5 meters from the surface.

It is possible to plant cuttings in autumn and springtime. It all depends on your wishes. Each season has its pros and cons. But first it is recommended to dig a hole of 60 * 60 cm in size and fill it with a solution of humus or compost to feed the soil. It is better to do this from the autumn, or at least two weeks before planting the cuttings. It is important to avoid excess fertilizer in high concentrations. The distance between individual bushes is 4 meters, not less. This is because the plants grow well and, with a smaller interval, will interfere with each other.

Grape berries mascot close-up

Care for a young and mature vine

  • It is important to ensure regular watering of the bushes. At the same time, water should not be poured at the root, but into a hole dug around the plant. After this, the irrigation site is covered with mulch (for example, sawdust or straw) for maximum preservation of moisture in the soil;
  • need to regularly feed the plants with fertilizer. To do this, you can use humus, diluted in water, nitrogen, phosphates and potassium;
  • in the fall or spring, immediately after the snow melted, cutting is recommended, leaving 5-8 eyes on each shoot;
  • in preparation for winter all bushes are wrapped, especially if it is young saplings;
  • for preventive purposes sprayed bushes Talisman from plant diseases and pests. But it should be done even before the flowering of the grapes or before the formation of fruits.
Grape Vine Care mascot

Breeding methods

Talisman breeding can be done with saplings, cuttings or branches.. In this case, the first method is considered the most popular in the form of rapid plant growth and the rate of production of the first crop. If you decide to plant seedlings in the spring, then it is important to do this before the beginning of April, before the first buds bloom.

But for some territories this is the time of the last frosts and a sharp deterioration in the weather. In this case, the bushes can freeze or even die. In the autumn it is recommended to choose the middle of October. But it is necessary to properly wrap the seedling from frost and prepare for the winter. Difficult times ahead.


  • brushes of a grade differ in the large sizes. Practice shows that the mass of one bunch may be in the range of 0.8-1.2 kg;
  • This variety is characterized by a large growth force of the bushes. At first they may even stop in development. And then at some point they will develop so suddenly that they will overtake in the dimensions of their other associates;
  • thanks to vigorous bushes and a large number of shoots, the grapes show amazing results on fruiting. The corresponding coefficient is in the range of 1.4-1.8, which is very good.

Diseases and pests

The talisman is distinguished by high resistance to various plant diseases, including mildeas, oidium, and even gray mold. If you make a preventive spraying of the bushes in time, these diseases will not be terrible for you. But there is a small problem - wasps.

The main problem of the variety is the attraction of wasps

Since autumn berries are sweet, everyone wants to eat them. To get rid of the pest, you can put a number of glasses with sweet water, diluted with poison. Then the insects, eating them, will die, and will not disturb your harvest.

Some gardeners wrap a bunch in a special net bag. But it will have to work hard. After all, there will be a lot of work.

Sort Talisman knowingly receive such popularity among gardeners and gardeners. He does not need much care, and the harvest and the taste of berries is simply amazing. Follow the recommendations of our article, and you will surely make sure of all the above about the dignity of the Talisman.