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How to grow grapes from the stone at home


Traditionally it is believed that the reproduction of grapes is possible only by saplings or layering. There is another, albeit long, but interesting way. How to grow grapes from the stone at home, as a result of having an ornamental plant and get a decent harvest.

Is it possible to grow grapes from seed at home

Although numerous studies confirm that the method of propagation of grapes with stones is not always justified. This is due to the fact that the seedling rarely preserves the varietal properties of the parent plant. But this method is sometimes used

Goals of growing grapes from pits

  • Selection work (breeding hybrids, the formation of varieties with the best taste, resistant to frost, disease).
  • Cultivation of seedlings.
  • Decorative use of seedlings.
  • Growing stock.

Not all grape varieties are suitable for seed propagation; early hybrid varieties are often used:

  • Russian Concord,
  • Marshmallow
  • Delight,
  • Kesha-1,
  • Triumph,
  • Laura.

And the fruitful qualities of the self-fertile varieties: Early dawn, Alpha, Russian purple are inferior to the mother bushes.The choice depends on the purpose of using the berries: sour - for winemaking, sweet is eaten without processing.

Specific features are not always preserved. Therefore, you can sow several seeds of the same variety at once. Further compare taste, yield, resistance to pests and frost.

Grapes grown from the stone, significantly inferior in yield and taste of the fruit, compared with a plant propagated by layering or cuttings.

Seed preparation for planting

For successful seedlings select large, ripe berries, without defects and diseases. Leave until full maturity.

Stages of seed preparation

  1. Remove the pulp, wash the seeds under running water or soak for 2 hours.
  2. Select large, beige or brown tones.
  3. To increase the germination of the process of stratification, starting no later than December for several months. Then in early summer, the seedling can be transplanted into the open ground.

Sowing stages

  1. Prepare the soil. For these purposes, use the store or mixed independently in equal proportions of sand, humus and garden soil.
  2. It is desirable for each seedling to use a separate capacity. Preliminarily, a drainage hole is made in each and several stones are poured to the bottom. Fill with earthy mixture.
  3. Seed must be planted to a depth of 1-1.5 cm in a pot and shed.
  4. The ideal place for further growth will be well-lit windows, preferably oriented to the south. It remains only to germinate landing.
  5. To preserve soil moisture before germination, the cups are covered with a film.
For the successful growth of seeds it is necessary to withstand temperature. The optimum daily temperature should not be lower than + 20⁰ С, and nighttime should not be lower than + 15⁰ С. Then a sprout appears after 7-11 days.

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