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Greenhouse requirements for mushroom cultivation


Hothouse construction is considered an indispensable assistant to the owners of suburban areas. Besides the fact that it grows vegetables and fruits, many enterprising owners began to adapt the greenhouse for mushroom cultivation. It is believed that they represent an ideal option for year-round cultivation. It remains only to figure out how to properly equip the building to create the right conditions.

Which greenhouse is suitable for breeding mushrooms

For each mushroom variety you need to choose the right greenhouse. Oyster mushrooms can be grown in the cellar or basement, but the mushrooms should be equipped with a film shelter.

Growing mushrooms in a greenhouse is an interesting and easy process.

The greenhouse can be made of polycarbonate material, plastic film, glass. An excellent solution is the use of greenhouses, in which the seedlings were grown. As a framework, you can use steel or aluminum billets, wood or plastic material. Deciding what material will be used, it is necessary to give preference to quality, durability, level of thermal conductivity and cost. If you plan to build a large greenhouse, you can pour the foundation foundation.

The main condition is not the type of construction, but compliance with the necessary requirements:

  • by humidity level;
  • lighting;
  • proper use of fertilizer formulations;
  • observance of temperature conditions.
Double-coated greenhouse

In addition, the equipment necessary for the proper cultivation of mushroom crops can be installed in greenhouses. Many people advise purchasing a mist dispenser, which will perfectly help to disinfect the room, cool it and maintain the desired level of humidity. A good tool will be a straw chopper with manual or mechanical drive. It will not be superfluous and the ventilation system, consisting of fans and plastic pipes. It is allowed to install lighting. It is best to use fluorescent lamps, which should work at least twelve hours a day. To control the temperature will need thermometers.

Heating system

The simplest option is to connect the greenhouse to ordinary water heating of your house using a balancing valve. This will give the opportunity to control the temperature in the required parameters. But this possibility does not always exist, so you have to install a heating device.

Electric heating boiler is equipped with automation and security systems

If the greenhouse is not too large, then it is recommended to install a not too powerful electric boiler, which has certain advantages:

  • maintaining a given temperatures in automatic mode;
  • by ease heating control taking into account the phase of growth of fungi;
  • compactness;
  • no need for a device chimney;
  • not too high worth.

Modern boilers have built-in expansion tanks and circulation pumps, ensuring safe operation and uniform heating of the entire area.

Heating scheme with electric boiler

There is one, but a very significant drawback - electrical energy is quite expensive. It is possible to reduce heating costs with the help of high-quality insulation and sealing of the building., seal of cracks and shameful sites. It should be noted that the mushrooms are not too demanding on temperature, so that the cost of electricity will be quite acceptable.

Along the perimeter of the greenhouse, you can place heating radiators or registers made of large-diameter pipes.

Heating pipes have a perimeter
Stationary heating is useful in the spring season when growing vegetable seedlings.

Water supply

Watering the substrate composition, in which mushrooms are grown, and to maintain the necessary humidity can be achieved by finely dispersing water spraying. In small greenhouses it is convenient to use hand sprayers., and more spacious greenhouses are recommended to be equipped with full moisturizing systems.

Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

Water should first be defended, giving it softness. Installation under the greenhouse shelves of water tanks is allowed. Thus, the humidity level will be maintained, and the water will acquire the required temperature.

It is best to apply thawed or rainwater collected in an ecologically clean place.

Curtain system

Mushrooms need dim light. Under the hot sun, they will dry out and die. To protect the mycelium from "extinction", it is necessary to consider a curtain system.

Greenhouse shading

If you used a double layer of agrofibre or colored polycarbonate in the greenhouse device, then you will not need a curtain. Such materials perfectly dissipate sunlight and reduce the level of illumination. In all other cases, under the roof of the building should be mounted curtains of thick fabric or whiten the greenhouse with lime.

The use of lime will be able to protect against solar ultraviolet radiation and disinfect the walls.


Her level should be high and stay within ninety percent. For control, it is recommended to install a special device in the greenhouse.

Mushrooms for greenhouse cultivation

Experienced gardeners assure that far from all mushrooms are suitable for growing in greenhouse conditions. It is recommended to breed:

  • oyster;
  • winter honey;
  • champignons;
  • white mushrooms;
  • chanterelles.

Technological methods used for the cultivation of these species and the conditions necessary for this are different, so you have to decide in advance which of the mushrooms you would like to breed.

Grown in greenhouse conditions, mushrooms do not contain toxic substances that may be their fellows, gathered along the roads or near large enterprises. With their help, you can not bad to fix their financial affairs by organizing your own business. If you have properly equipped a greenhouse, the crop can be harvested all year round, while carrying the minimum amount of expenses.